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I am new to this wonderful world of B4X, specifically B4A. Which I think is very interesting and the price is affordable (thanks for the early February discount).

I had just finished MyFirstProgram and SecondProgram tutorial and also watch a video tutorial for beginners. Now I am learning and trying things with the visual designer & various views available (Button, CheckBox, ListView, RadioButton, Spinner, etc).

I wonder if we have a Calendar in B4A? Something like this where a month is displayed and we could select a date (and then draw something on that date).




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Hi and welcome to B4x. Ths forum has an excellent search function. If you search for "calendar" you'll find a lot of ressources. Have fun!

As you are new to B4x I recommend you do do it on your own (for learning reasons). Doing it on your own you'll learn how to use views and how to create an UI, work with time/date functions and so on. Later you can use someone else's lib or so.
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