Android Question Callsubdelayed and Admob


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Admob randomly check apps for violating terms and conditions etc.. One of the reasons for getting banned on admob is, showing interstitial on app load. But they allow to show a loading screen like a splash screen and the showing interstitial ad and after that loading the app content.

My apps have this loading screen > insterstitial ad > content.

My problem is, if the user closes the app just after launching the app, interstitialad_receivead is added to queue so when the app is resumed, first this sub is executed and ad shows before the loading screen even comes up. I need to eliminate this.

One option comes to my mind is adding something under interstitialad_receivead but that may also affect the normal operation( like if i add panelloading.visible=true and sleep(2000) before showing the ad in the sub, it would be ok when the sub is executed from the queue but it would not be good when everything runs normally - not queued- ).

What would be the best approach for this, what do you think ?


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My apps have this loading screen > insterstitial ad > content.
the reason is clear. some people think that they need to press the screen when you show your loading screen to get further which might lead to accidental clicks.
try to reduce loading times by just creating what's needed for the initial menu and it will start up fast enough to remove the loading screens.
an interstitial ad at app load ain't professional looking either and it might distract the user from your app to install or check another app before they even tried yours.
let them use your app/game first and then show some ads.
if you look at reviews from apps/games that common phrases list always shows complaints about ads so if you want to hold your users you better not flood them with ads.

also as written in one of your earlier threads make sure you preload and just call the show when needed.
don't use the load and show on adreceived or you will keep getting problems with admob as you don't have control on how long the loading times are
and ads pop up when the user is already playing or using the app again after the dialog meant to initiate interstitial show.