Android Question Camera 2 Zoom and Orientation

Kevin Hartin

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I was using the sample in to test out some image capture my app needs to do and I have a couple of questions.

The Zoom facility seems to crop the displayed live image, but not the captured image which is full frame. What is the best suggestion to crop the captured image to the same as the zoomed live image. I will be updating an ImageView and also writing the bitmap to a sqlite DB as a blob, rather than saving to the device filesystem.

Also the orientation seems to not change with the camera in landscape or portrait modes, but is always 8 for the selfie camera and always 3 for the front camera. I am using a Samsung A21 and SDK level 30. The orientation is important as the shots will be of products whose images are to be used in a POS button. Rotating or further cropping after capture is an option.

I look forward to any advidce.

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