Android Question Can I connect to my own WiFi Hotspot?


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I know what is WiFi Hotspot and how to set it. What I want to do is set a Hotspot on my phone, connect a Raspberry pi to this network and talk to the pi with my phone. Can it be done? Is my phone part of the same network or it is only connected to the mobile network?


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If your phone (& carrier) supports it, you can set your phone up as a hotspot. Are you wanting to do this so the pi can access the internet, or because you just want the phone & pi to talk to each other?

I do it the other way around with a WeMos - ie: I set up an access point on the WeMos & then connect to it with my phone, but that's because I just want a "closed" network between my phone & the WeMos.

- Colin.
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