Android Question Can someone please help compile my old B4A program?


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Many years ago I used B4A and loved it. However we moved on to become a C# focused school, and now I battle with Xamarin. Anyway marketing have a very old program of mine that has just stopped working and probably just needs recompiling on a new Android version.
I dl'ed the Trial version of B4A but its too big for the version.

Could some nice person compile it and send me back the APK?

Their 'new' phone is a
Galaxy Note 3 – SM-N900A
Running: Android 5.0

Whoops, the last program I attached as a zip was the wrong one!
The real files are too big to upload.

One of the the 2 programs below is the correct one, could someone just compile them both to be sure?

But DL them here from my Dropbox account -Nov-

Thanks guys.
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Based on your YEARS AGO i expect you are using old SDK Requirements, not using TargetSDK 26, not using rumtime permission, not using fileprovider.
Your app needs to get updated with the new requirements. It is of no help if one of us try to recompile your old source. Probably it is not working without rewriting parts of the app.

Update your B4A Version to be the newest Release (9) and do the changes by yourself after you got familar with them:

android.jar / targetSdkVersion / minSdkVersion
Also setup a new SDK.

You can find the Setup-Instructions here.
You also can watch this Video as it describes it clearly.

Start with a new Blank folder like you see in the Video.


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Thanks Don, I made them in 2013 I think and my license has long expired. I will look into getting another license.