B4A Library [Class] Baloon labels


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1. The class adjusts the baloon's height to the text height, the width is not adjusted, you can play with the width definition in the class or add adjustment to width measurements,using
Canvas. MeasureStringWidth (Text As String, Typeface As android.graphics.Typeface, TextSize As Float) As Float or other methods which give it.
2. My example does not have a scroll view so I don't know your reference. With a scrollview you can set it to scroll to the bottom in one command.

Edit: I have tried it myself but failed...:(
Thanks for trying derez! I´ll experiment more with this at some point!


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Is there a way to make the baloons like the Facebook messenger baloons?
So they get smaller to the left or to the right if the messages displayed is smaller than lets say 10 characters