B4A Library [Class] TableView - Supports tables of any size

An improved version of this class is available here: http://www.b4x.com/forum/additional...icial-updates/30649-class-flexible-table.html

The Table class allows you to show tables of any sizes. The views (labels) are reused to avoid creating many views.

With the help of StringUtils the table can be loaded and saved to a CSV file. It shouldn't be difficult to show SQL tables using DBUtils.ExecuteMemoryTable.


Follow the attached example to see how the class is used. To add it to your own project you need to add the class module to your project and add a reference to StringUtils library.

RemoveRow code is available here: http://www.b4x.com/forum/showpost.php?p=146795&postcount=147

V1.10 uploaded. New method: SetColumnsWidths. Allows you to manually set the width of each column
V1.11 uploaded. Fixes a bug with grey stripes appearing.


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Is there any way in the existing library where i can use the functionality of multiple row selection?
Be aware that this is not a library but a Class.
The class in this thread is an 'old' one.
You find the more recent one in the Flexible Table thread, which has a multi select mode..


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I didn't find any function to set a single column text, I simply wrote it. If you like, please add it to your shared code:

public Sub SetHeaderName (Col As Int, Text As String)
    Dim L As Label=Header.GetView(Col)
End Sub