B4i Library [class] SearchView

This class is similar to B4A SearchView class. It allows the user to filter a list of items based on a term (prefix matches first followed by other matches).

It uses the new RichString class to highlight the matching terms. Note that the scrolling and filtering performance in release mode are very good. It can be a bit jumpy in debug mode.

New version of SearchView is now available. It is implemented as a custom view. It also properly handles the keyboard state.


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I find Searchview very powerful.

However,with the example I am struggling to add a new EditText (et2) that will link with the existing "et" edit text.
What I wanted is for when someone enters some keypess in et2 (eg space) then a character/word is entered into "et".

I have spent ages trying to crack this. I have been unable to get a routine from the "Main" code module to affect "et".
This happens whether I try adding a View, etc in the SearchView Class module or adding the control via Designer.

Any pointers/advice for this, please?



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I have updated Erel's SearchView with using the iOS native SearchViewController (like in iMessage, Whatsapp, Viber,...) ...
Great enhancement. Is it possible to show it in a language other than English, or I depend on Hosted Mac Builder?