Beta [closed] 9.5#1 Bug duplicating a View with multiple Textlines


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I create a new Design.
I define a Label with a Content of TWO Lines.

I then duplicate the Label

And define a single line content to the new View. Say "Width"
But in fact it is saving
The 2nd line is still there.
If i mark the new view "Width" can be seen in the Properties Text value.
If i do doubleclick on the Textproperty the value is changed to

I MUST go over the ... Button to go to the Multilineeditor and to remove the second line so that the View is behaving as expected again.


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This is not exactly a bug and it is the same behavior as in previous versions.

The duplicated label text has two lines, this is expected. The property grid shows a single line for the text (all items show a single line). This is why you have the option to show the multiline text dialog.

Note that you can press on the down arrow button to move between the lines.