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My old tablet was 1280 x 800, my new tablet is 1920 x 1200, this is by chance.
All my views are simply drawn with the visual designer, not bothered with dips.
My app is designed to go only on this (new) type of tablet.

I thought that when i would run my app on the new tablet (USB debug) , the controls
would "swim" in a sea of extra pixels, and i would have to redimension them manually via the designer.

To my surpise tha designer calculated that the difference in size is 1.5 exactly, and now shows
all the controls where they are supposed to be. 99.99% correct, in 2 buttons the text was a trifle too long.

Question: is this a feature of B4A, and is it good practice to leave it like that, and accept the nice gift?

(i did notice that i run into probs when changing the size (width...etc) of a control in code. So i don't.)


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Search for thé beginners guide chapters related to the visual designer and layouts re-dimensioning.
There are lots of built-in features that help o maintain the appearance of an app across different devices, like the designer scripts, using anchors, etc
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