Android Tutorial Connect B4A to Bluestacks 5

Step 1. Copy the adb file path

- Locate the adb file in the SDK folder.
- Copy the adb file path

Path example: C:\B4A\sdk\platform-tools

Step 2. Connect the B4A adb with the emulator IP

- Open CMD as administrator
- Go to the path inside the CMD
- Carry out the command that connects the adb with the IP address of the emulator.


) C:\B4A\sdk\platform-tools
) adb connect

The emulator IP is
I don't know if it changes. If so, mention it in the comments and I'll show you where to see the emulator's IP.

Step 3. Activate the Android ADB debugging bridge

- Open the emulator
- Open the settings and go to the advanced section.
- Activate the option: Android ADB debugging bridge
- Save the changes.

Step 6. Start the connection with the IP from B4A

- Open B4A
- Open the Logs window
- Click on connect

Step 7. Recommendation

Make sure Bluestacks is open when you click release.
I tried clicking release when bluestacks is closed. But it doesn't open bluestacks.

Tutorial on youtube:


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Thanks for the Tip.

To the best of my knowledge, step 6 is enough as B4A Detects Bluestacks and connects automatically.

All you have to do, in case it does not connect is to goto

Tools->Restart ADB Server
For some reason, in some PC configuration, BS only works with this workaround...