Wish Connected device name - Bottom left of the screen

Peter Simpson

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Hello Erel,
On a regular basis I will have at least 5 or at most 14 different types of Android devices that I want to test an app on. It can be extremely confusing at times to remember which device was last connected, I do try to keep the connected device at hand, but that does not always happen.

I thought about this a few years ago but lately it has been on my mind more and more. I personally think that the label at the bottom of the screen that says 'Connected' should in fact say the name of the connected device, for example my Google Pixel 3 XL etc etc etc.

Example: With only 7 spots filled. When testing an app I usually have all 10 IP spots filled at the same time.

Examples of what the connection status could look like, we already have the connected device name in the IP address list in the menu system.

Example 1: Pixel 2 XL connected

Example 2: Huawei Y6 2019 connected

Thank you