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I know its an old chestnut, but latest posts are a few years ago so be no longer be applicable.
I have just (this morning) installed B4A on my laptop (HP Envy), it appears to work fine. I can open and edit files.
I have also just installed B4A Bridge on my HTC One M8.
When I go Tools>Connect then the phone (with the correct IP address) appears in the connect list, it is the only thing that does.
When I click on it nothing happens except the Bottom of the screen has a banner which alternates between "Trying to connect" and "Connected to HTC One"

On the phone, with B4A Bridge running, it just has "Waiting For connections" which flashes every 5 secs or so. I also get the wifi signal which also flashes up every few seconds.
I have tried clicking "Stop" and "Start" with no effect. The phone does not have a SIM card, does that matter? (My new phone takes a smaller SIM card so I cant try it)

Both devices are showing full strength connections to my wifi (I only have one) and run Google ok.

I also have an HP Elitebook - exactly the same result.

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I sometimes see this problem. It occurs every few months, and may persist for a few hours or on and off over a couple of days and then disappear. It has nothing to do with SIM cards; I have several phones, only one with a SIM card, and this problem can show up on any of them. It has nothing to do with the 'phone model - I have several phones including different Pixel models and a couple of HTC One's.

I believe that the problem lies in my home WiFi network. Unfortunately I am totally ignorant about networking. I have a WiFi repeater which I almost certainly no longer need as my main modem delivers a good signal around the house. My "fix" is to turn the repeater off and on until things sort themselves out.
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All of your answers most helpful - thank you. I am a bit busy for the next few days but will try again next week bearing in mind what you have all said.
Particularly aeric, I do have two laptops that I was trying to set up at the same time. Perhaps one at a time would be more sensible.

Thank you all for your help, and what a lovely helpful forum! I will let you know how I get on.
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