Android Tutorial Convert Integer to DIP

Saw a request for this so I thought I'd share. Below you will find a way of converting an integer to a DIP (Density Independent Pixel). This may be useful in situations where you have a variable that you would like to use as width/height of a view in DIP.

IMPORTANT: Relfection library is required

Copy this code into your project (either into Main module or a code module)
Sub IntToDIP(Integer As Int) As Int
   Dim r As Reflector
   Dim scale As Float
   r.Target = r.GetContext
   r.Target = r.RunMethod("getResources")
   r.Target = r.RunMethod("getDisplayMetrics"))
   scale = r.GetField("density")
   Dim DIP As Int
   DIP = Integer * scale + 0.5
   Return DIP
End Sub

Example usage:
myRandomVar = 192
myLabel.width = IntToDip(myRandomVar)

I only have a couple devices to test it on, and it seems to be working correctly. Please reply here if you have any problems.
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