B4J Question Create a web page monitor - feasible?


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Ok, maybe it is time I'm gong to get round to playing with B4J. After deciding that a particular android app is not possible with the results I wanted (android issues, not b4a). I have decided to take a different approach. Before I go balls deep in the b4j environment can someone tell me if this plan is feasible or not.

I want to monitor a particular web page and create some sort of notification popup, system alert (which ever) if the page changes.

Basically,the page contains a list of addresses plus some other data, but on the addresses change i.e. new ones get added. I'm thinking requesting the html, say every 5 or 10 minutes, and check it against the previously saved state.

Thoughts please?

I see b4j has a timer, can timers go up to 10 minutes, does timer have any limits?
How would I get the page content, httpUtils?
What possibilities are there for alerting the user of the pc. Notifications, alerts, etc.....

At the moment, it's a case of manually refreshing the page and checking the list. This is tedious work, day in, day out. Hence I'm trying to automate it somewhat.



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I'm not an expert on B4J, I'm starting to use it (but I'm afraid I'll have to leave it for my project).

However, it has practically the same potential of B4A, in some cases they are higher.

The biggest difference is that you will not be able to develop apps using it.

You can easily start your project in B4J without fear of getting stuck (it happens to me because of the drag & drop that has limits)
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It should be quite simple to create such an app with B4J.

You can hide the app and leave a tray icon: http://www.basic4ppc.com/android/forum/threads/37534/#content

Check with a timer (there is no upper limit to the interval) the sites and open a form to notify the user (or send an email).

You should use jHttpUtils2 to check the website status.
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