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hello to all. [ S O L V E D ]
i'm using that very good tool not with data from a csv file but from a sql query.
what i think that i must do:
if i want to use those buttons ( like those Erel had used edit; copy; delete) in the first column of the b4xtable then my sql must have an extra field in that place like in
original sql :
select abr_discip, tem,n_seq from tur_discip where concat(ano,turma)=?
and sql for use in b4x editable table :
select "  " as empti, abr_discip, tem,n_seq from tur_discip where concat(ano,turma)=?
now it works as expected.
but when i click edit's button in a table's line and the form open ( created first with formbuilder) i've got no data in the fields of the form like if it was a new insert and not an edit!
Thank you
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The relevant code is in btnEdit_Click:
Dim Item As Map = B4XTable1.GetRow(RowId)
   ShowDialog(Item, RowId)
The data that should be displayed is the Item map. The column names (ids) must much the preferences dialog keys. Otherwise they will not be set.