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I have a CustomListView. And i fill it with 3 elements. How to find Panel count when click on an item?
Here is my code but i can't get this count

CLV1.Add(CreateCell1(CLV1.AsView.Width, 60dip ), "AccessType")
CLV1.Add(CreateCell2(CLV1.AsView.Width, 60dip ), "PeriodType")
CLV1.Add(CreateCell3( CLV1.AsView.Width, 60dip ), "Duration")

Private Sub CLV1_ItemClick (Index As Int, Value As Object)
End sub
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I leave this code that may be interesting for whoever accesses this message.
In my case, I usually create a special panel that I add to the CustomListView.
The panel has inside, buttons, label, check, etc.
The registry key associated with the panel, I load it within the TAG of the panel.
Therefore, the need is that when clicking on a button, check, etc., to know the panel that contains them, and to extract from it its tag, which is the key.
With that explained, this is the code I usually use:

in this sample a use a Type of date.

(my special layout, have a panel, and 3 button insede (cmdAparca is one), labels, etc))

Type TD_VehiculosAsignables(Matricula  As String, Empleado As Int , NombreEmpleado As String, EnTaller As Boolean , Disponible As Boolean,  TXTParaCLV As CSBuilder, TxtParaclickEnClV As CSBuilder, AsignacionEnCurso As Boolean, IDUso As Int, Situacion As String, Color As Int  )

first;: load CustomListView CLV

private Sub Cargar

'get data from sql server.
    Dim Sql As String
    Sql = "SP_VehiculosAsignables_Select ?"
    Dim Jdt As JdbcResultSet
'BETTER USE ASYNC methods an use wait for
        Jdt = modGeneral.clsConnec.GetRecordSet2(Sql, Array As String(B4XMatriculaBusqueda.Text),True)

    Do While Jdt.NextRow

'very important to DO  DIM into DO WHILE

        Dim TdV As TD_VehiculosAsignables
        TdV.Matricula = modGeneral.clsConnec.GetTxt(Jdt,"Matricula")
        TdV.Disponible = modGeneral.clsConnec.GetBoolean (Jdt,"Disponible")
        TdV.Empleado= modGeneral.clsConnec.GetInt(Jdt,"Cod_Empleado")
        TdV.EnTaller= modGeneral.clsConnec.GetBoolean (Jdt,"EnTaller")
        TdV.NombreEmpleado = modGeneral.clsConnec.GetTxt(Jdt,"NombreEmp")
        TdV.AsignacionEnCurso  = modGeneral.clsConnec.GetBoolean (Jdt,"AsignacionEnCurso")

        TdV.IDUso =  modGeneral.clsConnec.GetInt(Jdt,"IDUso")
        TdV.TXTParaCLV = modGeneral.clsConnec.GetTxtCSB(Jdt,"TXTParaCLV")
        TdV.TxtParaclickEnClV= modGeneral.clsConnec.GetTxtCSB(Jdt,"TxtParaclickEnClV")
        TdV.Situacion = modGeneral.clsConnec.GetTxtCSB(Jdt,"Situacion")
        TdV.Color = modGeneral.clsConnec.GetInt (Jdt,"Color")
   'Create custom layout an insert in clv:

'if you no use panel layout, you can add a text o better a CSBuilder WITH COLORS, fonts, etc..
        'CLV.AddTextItem  (TdV.TXTParaCLV,TdV)
    If CLV.Size = 0 Then
        CLV.AddTextItem("< Sin Datos>",Null)

    End If
    End Try

End Sub

click in button:
Private Sub cmdAparcar_Click
    ClickEnBoton (Sender)
End Sub

private Sub ClickEnBoton(Boton As Button)

        PanelDetalle  = GetPanelDelBoton(Boton)
        Dim Clave As TD_VehiculosAsignables
        Clave = PanelDetalle.Tag
        If Clave <> Null Then
'DO something with key  - Clave or value in key
            'SetSituacion (Clave.Matricula,Boton.Tag )
        End If
        MsgboxAsync(LastException.Message,"Click situacion")
    End Try

End Sub

Get Panel Container of button (or other controls ->CHANGE param as button)
private Sub GetPanelDelBoton(Boton As Button) As Panel
        Dim index As Int= CLV.GetItemFromView(Boton)
        Dim pnl As Panel = CLV.GetPanel(index)
        'sacar el control dentro del panel
'        Return pnl
        Dim PanelContenedor As Panel = pnl.GetView(0)
        Return PanelContenedor'*************************************************

'FOR get all controls and get, with name
        For Each c As  B4XView In pnl.GetAllViewsRecursive
            If GetType(c).EndsWith ( "CheckBox") Then
                Return  c
            End If
    End Try
    Return Null
End Sub

¡¡ah... create and insert panel:

Sub CargarVehiculos(TDV As TD_VehiculosAsignables)
'this is importante for set the correct size in clv.  double setlayoutanimated are required.
    Dim p As B4XView = xui.CreatePanel("")
    p.SetLayoutAnimated(0, 0, 0,  Activity.Width,  130dip)        
    p.SetLayoutAnimated(0, 0, 0, CLV.AsView.Width, PanelDetalle.Height)
'set test in controls of panel
  '  lwB4XMatricula.Text = TDV.Matricula
   'set the key in panel.tag (for get in other code)
    PanelDetalle.Tag = TDV
   ' lwlblTexto.Text = TDV.Situacion

   ' lwlblColor.Color = TDV.Color

    CLV.Add( p,TDV)

End Sub

'something to do in button click:
private Sub SetSituacion(Matricula As String , Situacion As String)
    Dim Sql As String
    Sql = "SP_Vehiculos_Situacion_Update @Matricula=?, @Situacion=?, @Empleado=?"
    modGeneral.clsConnec.ExecuteAndDecodeRespuesta(Sql,Array As String(Matricula,Situacion, modGeneral.V_Usuario.Codigo  ),True ,False )
    'load clv again:
'    Cargar

    MsgboxAsync(Matricula & " -> " & Situacion,"Clave")
End Sub
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