Android Question CustomListView Not Selectable in Designer


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I added a post to this thread:

but the thread did not come to the top of the Questions Posts. I repeat it here....
Earlier in that thread in entry #305, it is shown by Erel on Nov 17, 2014, that CustomListView is selectable in the Designer for a CustomView using a PullDown selection next to "CustomType".

My B4A Version is 4.30.

I have added a CustomView to a Panel in the Designer, yet when I click on the PullDown next to "CustomType", it only shows a blank box. There are no "types" to select.

1) Is there something else that needs to be defined in order to allow CustomListView to appear in this PullDown menu? Or, is there a way to specify the CustomListView property programmatically for the CustomView that was added in the Designer?

2) I also have CustomListView added in my code as an added module (I started using CustomListView this way programmatically, but now want to add a Layout with this CustomListView). Is having a CustomListView as a module allowable if a CustomView is also in a Layout?


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I cannot explain how to get CustomListView to appear as a Custom View as per the above post ..

If you just want to add a CustomListview to your project , then you only have to add the CLV Class Module (.bas) which you have already done.
This does not stop you displaying other Custom Views.
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