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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Alberto Michelis, May 24, 2015.

  1. Alberto Michelis

    Alberto Michelis Active Member Licensed User

    Hi, I need to show stocks prices.
    This prices change while the user is seeing the List and the user must see that change.
    I have a timer when I read the prices.
    The stocks (items) are not identified by a number (index), they are identified by a string, like "AAPL".
    How can I look for "APPL" in a view of the panel so I can add or remove and add it again?
    Other way is get the row number at the Add() and save "AAPL" and RecNr in a queue or somethig similar I dont know in B4A.

    The code would be like:

    If "AAPL" does not exists in the CUstomLIstView Then
    Prices.Add(CreateListItem(tiket, Prices.AsView.Width, 50dip), 50dip, RecNr)
    'Add ti at the same row it was
    RecNr = ????
    Prices.RemoveAt(RecNr )
    Prices.InsertAt(RecNr , CreateListItem(tiket, Prices.AsView.Width, 50dip) , 50dip, RecNr )
    End If

    Thanks in advace.
  2. eurojam

    eurojam Well-Known Member Licensed User

    One idea, but not tested:
    extent the customlistviewclass with this method:
    Public Sub FindItem (o As Object) As Int
    Dim index As Int
      index = items.IndexOf(o)
    Return index
    End Sub
    and then in your codemodul, you can search the items of the customlistview like:

    Sub find
    Dim index As Int

      index = prices.FindItem(
    If index = -1 Then
    'add new item
    'do anything else
      End If

    End Sub
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  3. Alberto Michelis

    Alberto Michelis Active Member Licensed User

    Nop, it does not work, it allways return -1
  4. RandomCoder

    RandomCoder Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Use a Map to store the unique String as the Key i.e. "AAPL" and the value can be the index to which it is stored in the CustomListView.
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