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HI Guys,
First a very good Christmas for all.
I am anyway, started dBase , but comes on the next problem.
I have a visit.db
Table name favo
with columns Mapnaam, pic , keuze , wijk
I want to search with a "text" in the keuze column and store the Mapnaam, pic and wijk in a variable

For now I have this code, but it is not working, I have tried with 1 first ;)

Dim cur As Cursor
Dim m As Map
Dim Name As String

SQL.Initialize(File.DirRootExternal, "visit.db", False)
cur = SQL.ExecQuery("SELECT pic FROM favo")
cur.Position = 2
Name = m.Get("pic")

Msgbox(Name ,"this is m ?")

Me :sign0104:
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I was having the same problem as parijs cursor out of bounds

Hi to all,

I was trying to find out how to handle the outofbounds and found this to be the only reference. Not sure if the Dutch words answered the question for parijs but what I did understand didn't answer mine. I expect someone else to come here for the same reason I did. I also didn't find the answer on the SQLite site or in the B4A manuals.
The way I fixed my problem was as follows;
CursorIndexOutOfBoundsException fix is "check for row count" ie
If Cursor2.RowCount = 0 Then
"I sent it to the end of that routine which allowed my program to keep running.

Summary: The table was full but no match on the cursur keyword.
the cursor returns columns that are empty.

PS: Give me your SQL problem I'll give you an exact what to do to fix it.
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