Android Tutorial Designer Scripts Tutorial


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Thanks for the quick reply.

That's really only a partial solution since the views can sometimes be seen to move even when there is no load layout animation.


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I set up designer script
lblTytul.Left = 0%x
lblTytul.Width = 100%x
lblTytul.Top = 10%y
lblTytul.TextSize= lblTytul.TextSize + (((100%x + 100%y) / (320dip + 480dip) - 1) * 3)
lblTytul.Height = 65dip
and look allmost good. I need a little help with lblTytul.Height = 65dip for better support.
And when Activity.LoadLayout("Start_Layout") then I see a fraction of a second smaller image and at the moment set by the script.