1. Abdull Cadre

    Share My Creation B4A - Task Manager App Template

    Task Manager App Template This Task Manager app template serves as an ideal tool for developers looking to create their applications or delve into UI/UX design studies. The template intentionally excludes logical functionalities such as a database or API connection, focusing solely on the...
  2. Z

    Italian Comportamento incomprensibile (per me) del Designer

    Salve a tutti, ho acquistato B4A secoli fa quando era a pagamento, ma sto cercando di usarlo solo adesso. "Provengo" dalla buonanima di Visual Basic 6. Non capisco perche' il Designer, una volta collegato al tablet e impostato "Adatta al dispositivo connesso", mi sposta gli elementi sul...
  3. Z

    Android Question Difference between designer and display

    Hi all, I bought B4A years ago when it was paid, but I'm only using it now. I don't understand why in the designer, connected to an Amazon Fire 7" (5th generation) tablet (unlocked and with the play store) with the "fit to connected device" option, in the bottom right corner the designer...
  4. G

    Android Question B4xpages does not allow Customview

    In b4xmainpage the designer has Customview in light gray, I cannot add one. Pls help!
  5. LWGShane

    Wish Designer Wishes

    CC: @Erel 1: Being able to set the scope of controls to either Public or Private in the "Generate Members" dialog. 2: Being able to set the default border width of all new controls. (For example, I usually change the border width to 0 and it would be nice to set it to be able to set a global...
  6. epiCode

    B4A Library [B4X] DSE_Layout - Align and Spread Controls

    Drawing Inspiration from @Erel's DDD - SpreadControlsHorizontally, I tried to build two function I need very often and sharing here with everyone! What can you do with this class: 1. Spread controls horizontally or vertically 2. Spread controls without altering their height or width 3. Spread...
  7. Guenter Becker

    Android Question Custom View / Designer

    Hello, my question is focused on building a desginerable custom control. I knew that I can set/retrive the Designer "Text Properties" by code using the *Lbl View" of the "Public Sub DesignerCreateView (Base As Object, Lbl As Label, Props As Map)". But I'm missing to do the same with the...
  8. Lucas Siqueira

    Bug? Failed to copy layout from ios to android, properties are not fully copied

    When I copy the designer from one platform to another, the properties (BackgroundColor, BorderColor, BorderSize, BorderRadius) of the button component are not copied from b4i to b4a, the reverse also happens. Note: scrollview does not copy background property. (please make the scrollview...
  9. Dave O

    Wish Ability to add tooltips to views as a property in designer or code

    Android 8+ adds the ability to attach a text tooltip to a view. This post shows some wrapper code to do this with JavaObject. Just like elevation has been added for panels, I'd love to see tooltips added as a declarative property on views, so we could define them using the Designer or in simple...
  10. stevel05

    B4J Library [B4j] [DSE] CSSStyleClass Designer Script Extension

    With the new Designer Script Extensions, Erel has given us Class Names for views similar to the B4j CSS class names. For those wanting to use the actual CSS classes and styling in B4j, it is just as easy to add CSS class names to Nodes directly in the designer using the Designer Script...
  11. D

    Android Question B4Xpages how to load a panel saved by Designer

    Hi, Guys I have what appears to be a simple question - How to you load a panel (created and saved using Designer) onto a B4X page? I have tried the following code and it does not show the new panel. Private Sub B4XPage_Created (Root1 As B4XView) Log("B4XAddPlayer_Created") Root = Root1...
  12. A

    Android Question How to create it in designer?

    I have a screen design that I need to create in B4X Designer for Android. 1 - shaded background (1) 2 - radio buttons (2) Thanks
  13. kiki78

    Android Question Tablet report bad screen size

    Hello, I have an old B4A application that work fine with only one designer variant since more than 6 years with lot of tablet. It is design with 1280 x 800 scale 1 and work with all screen resolution. We have new tablet with classic 10.1" 1920 x 1200 screen that never correctly adapt. In...
  14. epiCode

    [Poll] What do you wish for?

    1. This is not an official survey 2. This is not even a guarantee of any sort that any of the features will make it to B4X 3. This is general chit chat to know what fellow developers "wish" for and its priority 4. Votes are anonymous
  15. S

    Wish Pan the Abstract Designer with middle mouse button

    When working in the Visual Designer, especially on smaller screens, I zoom in to see (and move) views but then I have to zoom back out and then back in to a different area. In most CAD programs if you press the middle mouse button down it will let you PAN the screen. This would be a nice...
  16. Lucas Siqueira

    Competição de Layout B4A 2021

    Competição de Layout B4A 2021 Olá a todos... Nós administradores e membros do grupo Basic4Brasil, decidimos criar uma competição de layout/design utilizando a ferramenta B4A. Esta competição é uma maneira de unir ainda mais os brasileiros e também uma chance para todos mostrarem suas...
  17. Lucas Siqueira


    Hi, my name is Lucas Siqueira 🇧🇷 ! I am very happy 😁 to share with you the designer at B4XPAGES. I hope you like the layout and my contributions! 🤓💻 I'm in love 🥰😍 with B4X! Made with ❤ in B4X
  18. A

    iOS Question B4i UI Cloud question

    Hi all. When I hit F6 in my designer it opens me a page with UI Clouds but all I can see there is is
  19. Guenter Becker

    Android Question Panel.LoadLayout Error

    Whish you a happy christmas, I am developing a customcontrol. I like to use a panel and load a layout build with the designer into it and than add the panel to the base of the custom control: mprops = Props Panel.Width = mBase.Width:Panel.Height=mBase.height...
  20. ramezaniabbas

    Share My Creation Ui/Ux + Animation

    One of the designs of our team All animations are created using b4x code and libraries and do not require an external library. This is the latest design by our team. First it is designed in Figma and then everything is transferred to b4a layout and then animations added. Your application can’t...