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Discussion in 'Additional libraries, classes and official updates' started by Erel, Jan 15, 2017.

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  1. PABLO2013

    PABLO2013 Active Member Licensed User

    First the application can not be installed on android 6 (lG stylus 2)...now yes, I think they are missing permissions.

    The application screen google and panelcamera are "White" and says "disconnected !!".

    I give it in button stopmission and it does nothing.

    The original application of the factory dji initially asks you to connect the wifi network (wifi DJI PHANTOM3), once in the application and for the first time you must enter the key (defaul: 12341234) and you will be select the model and with that, You have access to the drone.

    Log 1(When I connect to the normal wifi network): The metadata received from server is invalid, please reconnect to the server and try.

    Log 2(When i connect to wifi phantom3): For first time registration, app should be connected to the Internet.

    .....At this point the problem is that I can only connect one network or another both not.

    As I say the connection is via wifi, unless this is very wrong the application and the library does not have this connection?

    These are the keys manifiest:
    Android: value = "1c1b41ab9b5b379bddf....." /> // TODO:
    Enter your app key here Android: name = "com.google.android.geo.API_KEY" Android: value = "AIzaSyCmFxxxxxxxxxyps.....TCSrjFVg-Q" />

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  2. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Have you set your own DJI key in the manifest editor? Is the package name correct?
  3. PABLO2013

    PABLO2013 Active Member Licensed User

    For the moment I have properly register the application "Drone", the second step will be the connection ... apology that insists maybe this is wrong but the communication is via wifi production by my radio (phantom....), the control the bottom has a micro usb but this is for charging the battery (only)... I send an image with some details, it would be possible to implement the part of the library that allows the communication via wifi .... the other would buy a dji pro ... but they are very expensive ... the phanton 3 are a quasi-pro option at a low cost .... thanks

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  4. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    You only need internet connection once.

    What happens when you connect the device to the RC wifi and then run the program?
  5. PABLO2013

    PABLO2013 Active Member Licensed User

    TKS :
    **Registered is succesfully!
    **No connected product

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  6. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

  7. PABLO2013

    PABLO2013 Active Member Licensed User

    If using the Android Studio the application works as it was ... so if you based your code in the example can be implemented to read the wifi dron in b4a ... I would appreciate if you could expand the library the connection Via wifi, thanks

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  8. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    That's good. I need more information.

    Can you upload the Java code and the logs?
  9. jchal

    jchal Active Member Licensed User

    dear all
    i would like to raize a question is it possible to control the drone from far away , for example i have the drone in howse and i have my mobile phone in office and control it from there? but not via team viewer but by writing some code in b4A?
    also is there some thing simmilar for parrot as it has sdk as well
    i am aware that you alwas have to get it to maunal if nessesary , i am just asking
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  10. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    The Android device is connected to the remote controller which communicates with the drone.

    The Android device can also connect to the internet and then be controlled from all over the world.

  11. aarondc

    aarondc Member Licensed User

    There are a lot of functions in the DJI libraries that do not appear to be in this library.
    Is it difficult to add them? I am keen to write an Android app to control and/or connect to my Mavic Pro, and camera, etc, functions, would be a priority for my development effort.
  12. PABLO2013

    PABLO2013 Active Member Licensed User

    Greetings, Aarondc
    we would have to convince Erel to help us to expand the library ... I use the only mode that exists in a ph3pro and works very well ...
  13. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    It shouldn't be difficult to expand the library. I don't think that any feature was requested.
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  14. aarondc

    aarondc Member Licensed User

    If possible, I'd like to learn to expand it myself.
  15. gvoulg

    gvoulg Member Licensed User

    from DJI site
    and this
    That means we have a new release for the SDK and more

    Erel I am personaly interested more for mission planning with waypoints and the ability to take pictures at spesific time interval or spesific position.
    Is it possible to wrap the new SDK ?
    Best Regards
  16. PABLO2013

    PABLO2013 Active Member Licensed User


    I do not pretend to be abusive or disrespectful but I wanted to know if it is possible to incorporate b4a-dji with the mission of Waypoint, as for me it is of the useful functions, and although the other missions are useful they are for fun.

    For example in the case of Waypoint mission could be sent the drone to make mapping of farms combined with other map libraries like b4a-osm, etc .... and although there are applications like pix4d, these do not allow incorporation geographic information and we have in b4a lot of code that could be implemented with b4a-dji-waypoint mission .....

    Currently I use a dji-phanton 4, which allows to separate the part of the communication and the wifi .... in a previous post I did with a phantom 3 standard and although it works well But I have to uninstall applications as dji-go as they generate locks And i have to deal with being switched between different wifi networks available ... this I say by way of experience ...

    I tried to add the waypoint mission but can not connect it properly and it did not work ... so if it is possible .... I would be grateful

    I add a general idea of how this mission works ....


    Waypoint mode allows you to setup classic waypoint missions as well as advanced camera moves such as Self and Cable Cams.
    Place multiple waypoints on a map however you want and the aircraft will fly from waypoint to waypoint and complete the mission even if the signal is lost.
    The maximum aircraft speed in this mode is 15m / s (no wind).
    Enter the Waypoint mode by pressing the Flight Mode icon at the top left of the Litchi screen. Select "Waypoint". You can then start editing missions.

    Thank you

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  17. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    I plan to rewrite the library based on the new SDK. It will take some time.
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  18. PABLO2013

    PABLO2013 Active Member Licensed User

    Thank you, I am looking forward, thank you
  19. DonManfred

    DonManfred Expert Licensed User

    I wrote wrappers for all of the (from the "old" SDK) missions included in the SDK a few weeks ago. Including Custom Mission and all MissionSteps.
    But then i lost my Development-HDD and all sources are lost.

    I started again using the V4 SDK jar a week ago.

    I rewrote all exiting Classes to match the new SDK. Mostly Obectnames did changed.

    I wrapped so far (as of yet (work in progress))
    - MissionControl (including getters for references to all of the "Operators" possible. But the Operators are not wrapped at this time)
    - WaypointAction
    - WaypointMission
    - Waypoint

    I extended the SDKManager to give references to MissionControl (already wrapped) and FlyZoneManager (not yet wrapped)

    I just tried to use the V4 jar and rewrote (changed objectnames and reference...) all of the exiting Classes to match the new SDK. Except DJICameraWrapper. I was not able to fix this class.
    Away from that i think it looks ok.

    At this time i can not say if all that worked... Did not compiled as yet and even not run the new Library as i don´t know if the Manifestcode need a change too.

    Development of the wrapper is still in progress ;-)
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  20. PABLO2013

    PABLO2013 Active Member Licensed User

    Regards, DonManfred : thanks for your work ... i will be waiting ... it hurts the hdd ... but I personally believe that with the use of the functionalities of the drones: camera, gimbal, and all the telemetry of the drones dji and The mission of WaypointAction, WaypointMission, Waypoint, would be very great your contribution...

    I have tried other missions and although they are very interesting ... I think they are of little benefit

    In my case I would like to do photogrammetry (I do it with pix4d) but cant allows to incorporate other information that is personalized ... in b4a we have much much that through you and Other libraries could be incorporated ....

    Thanks in advance. DonManfred.
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