B4R Question Dualcore ESP32 programing


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An ESP32 program running on a single core is very fast (1750 loops per milliseconds). Performance will not be an issue with ESP32.
The example in that link shows an incorrect solution for a common bad practice. The correct solution is to avoid using Delay to control the program flow. It is explained here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/timers-loopers-and-callsubplus.65989/#content

In fact, my question was not about speed. You're right, esp32 is fast enough, your sample is greate.

if i want to (without performansce issue)
  • web server and similar web processes set loop 1 (core-1).
  • define other input and output processes set loop 2 (core-2).

can we do it?
This is an interesting issue, considering that all the boards in the future will be multi-core.
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