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Hi Erel / Experts.

My problem is that I removed my certificates & profiles in my apple account today, and recreated both of them, because my client changed his test device so I wanted to update my certificates and profiles.

Now the B4i bridge doesn't work on my test device since I did that. It starts and then just exits.
So I deleted it off my test device and then wanted to rebuild it in the IDE, but when I try to rebuild the B4i bridge in the IDE, but I get the following error (see screenshot below).

In my build server settings I have Use Hosted Builder Ticked and Prefer Secondary ticked.

Please can someone help me.



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Andrew (Digitwell)

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You don't need to change your certificate to add a new test device. You just need to update the mobile provision after adding the device UUID.

The the error says "wrong password", have you changed the password to your private signing key?
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Hi Andrew thank you for the reply. Yes I actually came right, it was that my password was blank under 'Tools' --> 'Private Sign Key'.
Thanks for the advice about the Profiles good to know. I just have another couple questions if you don't mind.

I currently have 2 identifiers set up in my Apple account, one is the 'Main' identifier which is like this:
And the other is the app specific identifier like this:
com.CompanyName.AppName (This is the same name I have in 'Project' ---> 'Build Configurations' ---> 'Package')

My first question is, do I need to have 2 identifiers, or can I just use the 'Main' one and then change the 'Package' name in the project to it, ie ending in .* ?

My other question is, if I do have to have 2 identifiers, must I use the one ending in 'AppName' when I want to put the App on the Apple Store (I did it a while ago, so can't remember what I did :rolleyes:) to create the 'App Store' profile with?

Hope that makes sense :)

Thanks for your time,

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