iOS Question certificate and provisioning profile - 2021


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Hi all,
To be honest, I have to state that I haven't created new certificates for a new app to be published on the App Store for a while.

I am following @Erel's video tutorial ( and notice there is a difference of settings in the "Server Settings" mask (see attached images).

On the latest version of B4i 7.50 (the one I am currently using) instead of "Automatically run installed apps" I have "Use Apple Configurator to install" and compared to the tutorial I am using a local build server (see screenshot "B4i- 7.50 -tools-build-server-server-settings ".

Can I still continue with the generation of the keys even with my current settings?

Erel Tutorial (tools-build-server-server-settings)...


My B4i 7.50 Server settings...



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