Android Question Error inserting image in EditText with ViewSetting library

Serge Nova

Hello everyone, I am trying to insert an image in EditText with this code:

Dim Vs as ViewSetting
Vs.InsertImageIntoEditText(Bmp, EditText1, Vs.MesureMultilineTextHeight(EditText1, EditText1.Text))

But I get this error:

If anyone can help me or suggest me another way that would be appreciated.


Serge Nova

Please post logs as text. Right click to copy.
Ok Erel, soon I will publish the logs as text.

I'm not familiar with this library but it looks like it creates something similar to CSBuilder: CharSequence / CSBuilder Tutorial

I assume that you don't need the field to be editable. If this is indeed the case then best to use BBCodeView.
Yes it does the exact same thing, thanks a lot for the help Erel
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