Android Question Error only in Debug Legacy mode ????


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I test and debug a class that i compile in a library.
With the joined example in zip file, i get an error but only in the 'debug legacy' mode :
"java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to read from field 'java.lang.String anywheresoftware.b4a.debug.Debug$SubFrame.moduleName' on a null object reference"

In 'debug rapid' or 'release' mode, i have not error !!!!!!
I'm on B4A v 5.20, i join parts of unfiltered logs in 2 mode also.
If someone have an idea ? Maybe Erel can help on this.
Thanks for help.

Important : There are libraries who are needed for that works right. Take a look at the screenshot, and of course you must put my library in the additional libraries folder.

EDIT : Seems similar of this :
I use also DBUtils in the library, but why only in debug legacy ?



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I haven't investigated it. However the legacy debugger is considered a legacy feature. If it works in rapid debug mode and release mode than it is fine.
Hi Erel,

Indeed that works in these 2 modes, but that's really weird.
No worries, i must precise it to the users when i'll share the library, unless that is fixed already.

2 Precisions :
- I forget to say that i test the error with B4A version 5.02 also, in the both case with and without the Library original code, it's the same.
- I have not the error in any mode when i do the same code in the Main Activity of the Library, maybe a clue ?

For now i continue my debug on the library :)

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