B4J Question ExecQuerySingleResult Unable To Retrieve Blob Field?


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An SQLite database contains images stored in a Blob field referenced against a unique name. If the clue returns no result the Sub should return Null. I am having a problem with ExecQuerySingleResult. The Log shows:
Main - 178: Cannot cast type: {Type=String,Rank=0, RemoteObject=True} to: {Type=Byte,Rank=1, RemoteObject=True}

I have tried passing the search parameter as an Object instead of a String with no success. Can SingleResult only ever retrieve String Data? I don't understand this?

Return an Image or Null if not found:
Private Sub GetPicture(clue As String) As Image
    Dim Buffer() As Byte
    'Picture is a Blob field
    'UniqueName a string field
    Buffer = SqlPictureDb.ExecQuerySingleResult2("SELECT Picture FROM Photos WHERE UniqueName = ?",Array As String(clue))
    If Buffer.Length = 0 Then Return Null
    Dim InputStream1 As InputStream
    InputStream1.InitializeFromBytesArray(Buffer, 0, Buffer.Length)
    Dim Img As Image
    Return Img
End Sub