Android Question External Monitor Orientation


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Hi Erel,
A client with poor eyesight wants use my app with a port replicator. See the DEX section in :-

I've connected an external monitor (Dell U2715H) with a USB MHL cable, to see how the app behaves and found a problem. The app was designed to be used in Portrait mode only, so I physically rotated the external monitor into an upright position. Ideally, it should then fill the screen, but it doesn't. I tried allowing landscape mode in the app, but then you have to scroll the android screen to see it all.

All attempts to fix this have failed, both by setting the monitor and the app. The best that I can do is with the monitor in normal landscape, and the app appearing in portrait mode in the centre - i.e. only using about 25% of the screen.

Is there a solution to this ?