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what are the differences between these ?
how do I copy a file that is in dirinternal into dirassets ?

I am trying to implement the two searchviews.

my dat files (lang1.txt and lang2.txt) are in dirinternal.

Private Sub LoadIndices
    Dim ser As B4XSerializator
    ser.Tag = 1
    ser.ConvertBytesToObjectAsync( _
        Bit.InputStreamToBytes(File.OpenInput(File.DirAssets, "lang1.txt")), "ser")
End Sub

So, firstindex and secondindex returns NULL here and therefore the Searchview is not loading :

Sview.Initialize(Me, "Sview")
    Sview.AddToParent(SVPanel, 0, 300, SVPanel.Width, SVPanel.Height)
    If firstIndex <> Null Then Sview.LoadFirst(firstIndex)
    If secondIndex <> Null Then Sview.LoadSecond(secondIndex)

how do I move them into dirassets ?

or fix it ?

Thank you


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how do I copy a file that is in dirinternal into dirassets ?
It is not possible, The Assets are readonly.

Put the file into the Filesfolder, compile your app (the file is in DirAssets) and copy it at runtime to dirinternal if you want
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Thank you my savior.

so, if the files (lang1.txt and lang2.txt) are by default in the dirassets...

why does firstindex returns NULL ?

I work with an emulator and not with phone. does it matter?


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