Android Question FirebaseAdMob is not used

Robert Valentino

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If I have the FirebaseAdMob library included B4A Logs say
Library 'FirebaseAdMob' is not used (warning #32)

If I remove the library (de-select it) I get a compiler error


Without blocking the warning anyway to get around this

Robert Valentino

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Did a clear project.
Delete everything related to Firebase AdMob. Define everything?
Didn't even realize I was using anything.

Has something to do with the below code.

The AdvertisingIdClient.Info seems to need Firebase AdMob to compile but the IDE seems to not know it is necessary

#if Java
import java.util.concurrent.Callable;

public static void GetAdvertisingId() {
   BA.runAsync(processBA, mostCurrent, "advertisingid_ready", new Object[] {false, ""}
       , new Callable<Object[]>() {
                   public Object[] call() throws Exception {
                       String id = AdvertisingIdClient.getAdvertisingIdInfo(mostCurrent).getId();
                       return new Object[] {true, id};
               }); }
#End If
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