iOS Question FontAwesom fails!

Nicolás Cieri

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I added this FontAwesom for a label in the Designer, and I get this error....

Object was not initialized (UIFont)
Stack Trace: (
CoreFoundation DA838E75-6B30-360E-9661-C4800A7E1BF6 + 1227168
libobjc.A.dylib objc_exception_throw + 56
CoreFoundation DA838E75-6B30-360E-9661-C4800A7E1BF6 + 135252


Nicolás Cieri

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This problem is only when I use the local host, if I use the Hosted Mac Build this work good!.. so.. I need to install something in my Local Mac? The library?

But I can't found it.

Some idea?