Free Source Code Prize (lottery #2)

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Helloooooo everyone :)


Lets make the next 2 days great!

♥ We love every single one of you! because what's more important than family? ♥

So here is what we going to do :
every one write down "B4XCode" below and we will use "wheel spin decider"
after 2 days we will input every post number in the wheel and we will spin it three times so there are 3 winners

Write down "B4XCode" below and watch this post and you could be the next winner ;)

The Winners will get :
B4XCode material UI Kit + Life time library updates which means every Saturday will get free update and new designs until we reach 300+ designs :)
Library :

Rules :
1- Minimum 20 unique posts, if less than 20 unique posts then the period will be extended
2- Each user has to write only one post other than that it will not be considered and we will not input the post number of the other posts he/she made

The Lottery winners will be drawn in (12-04-2021) 11:00 PM (GMT 2+)

Lets have fun :)


Thank you all for participating ♥

And congratulations for the winners 🎡🎡

Winners are announced in our facebook page (Make sure to like the post :) ) :

We will contact the winners right away and send the source code + they are now subscribed for life time library updates

If you didn't win then don't worry, we will announce a new lottery very soon :)

Thank you,
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