Game of War makes 1 million dollars a day!


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But they invested $40 million just for advertising! :D


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Some considerations:

1) it is free of charge but with in app purchases between 5 and 90 euro!

2) the Android version has 10 millions to 50 millions of downloads!

Despite point 2, there is a VERY NICE warning:

Descrittori di contenuti

Attenzione. I contenuti non sono stati ancora classificati. Le app prive di classificazione potrebbero presentare contenuti adatti esclusivamente a un pubblico adulto

Content descriptors.
Attention. The contents have not yet been classified. The app without classification may have content suitable only for adult audiences.

Not only in Italy are the recommended!

Someone creates a few rules, but he does not force anyone to respect them, obviously.


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I'm getting close but as there is a minimum withdraw value ($70?) I might need another century before I can have my payout ;)