Share My Creation Garage25

A custom LEGO creation to remote control, via an Android App, a garage model with a microcontroller and connected servo motor, actuators and indicators.

Go here for more information and to get the B4R and B4A source code.

This is the first version which had the main goal to explore remote control (Bluetooth Classic with HC-05) of the creation by a microcontroller (Arduino UNO, B4R) via Android App (Old Lenny2, B4A).
The data transfer v.v. between B4R & B4A is handled by using the B4R serializer - robust & easy to use.

Because of the B4X language, Rapid Application Development was true possible!


The intention is to develop this model further and show at local Make or LEGO exhibitions.
Based on the learnings of this model, the previous shared model Flood Barrier will be changed, i.e. replace controller ESP8266 by Arduino MEGA (B4R, simplified), remote control via B4A app (with handling HTTP requests to get data) - because want to create models which can be controlled without the need for dedicated local LAN access; handling of remote data via B4A.


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