B4J Tutorial [GCE] For Noobs, Part 2 - Creating a Google Cloud Platform Account

This is the most difficult and most time consuming part of the whole process!

Actually, it’s not time consuming at all. However, you must already have a Google Account. If you don’t already have an account with Google then proceed no further until you do. If you have a GMail account then you already have a Google Account. If you do not have a GMail account then you will need to do that first before moving on with the remainder of this tutorial. If you need to create a GMail account then I believe that it is now possible to use an existing email address. Ie. it does not have to be a proper gmail.com address.

Now, assuming that you have a Google/Gmail account the next step is to sign up for Google Cloud Platform. To create a GCP account go to https://console.cloud.google.com/, and providing that you have not already signed up for GCP, you will be redirected to the sign in page. Sign in with your Google GMail Account and then accept any Terms and Conditions that will pop up.

Okay, have you signed up? Ready to move on? Then...

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re now the proud Administrator of your very own private Cloud! WooHoo!! <insert happy dance here/> :)

You should now be redirected to a dashboard. But wait - what’s this? You’re probably noticing something interesting or even cool in the top left of the screen..


What the?!?! For ‘FREE’ - that’s got to be the best 4 letter word of all time!

You know what?! I’m not even going to say it - just click on it! Sign Up for the FREE stuff! Come back when you’re not so excited ;)

First Looks
The first thing that is presented to you is the Dashboard. This is where you will spend the least amount of your time. Well, to be honest, I’d forgotten all about the Dashboard and only noticed it again while writing up this tutorial.

The Dashboard simply summarises a lot of the services and features that you have currently running with GCE.

All the GOOD stuff is on the left side of the screen in amongst the menus. We’ll be using some of the good stuff in just a moment.

At this point Google has been kind enough to create your first project for you.

What Are Projects and Do I Need One?
Projects are a way to group together VMs and services, allow others in your team access to the VMs etc. Before you can do anything with your Cloud you need to have a project. Which is why Google has created a project a project for you on your behalf.

Note: Deleting a Project will delete everything in the Project. And I mean EVERYTHING in the project including VMs etc. There is an option to change your mind but you have just 30 days to decide if you made a mistake. Billing will cease for any service/resource associated with the project when it has been flagged for deletion.

Note: The FREE Trial credit is limited to the use of certain features of GCP. There is also a limit of one static IP address. If more static IP addresses are required then they will need to be paid for. Check the pricing calculator for details and estimates.
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