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Hello, I have implemented synchronization with Google Drive in my App using the various classes on the forum. Everything works well, but now having to distribute my App I wanted to know if I had to apply some corrections to the GoogleOAuth2 module that managed the authentication to Google, specifically the saving within the app of the ClientID released by google for use. of the API. My question, however, is not only about where to save this value, but about the fact that even saving it externally, when my App opens the browser to authenticate with Google, the ClientID is present in the URL of the call. So does it make sense to blur it?
Thanks in advance

Private Sub Authenticate
    Dim link As String = BuildLink("", _
         CreateMap("client_id": mClientId, _
        "redirect_uri": GetRedirectUri, _
        "response_type": "code", "scope": mScope))
    Dim pi As PhoneIntents
End Sub