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Hi all.

I have an app on the Google Play market. The app version is 2.68. A few weeks ago I put this app update to the paly market, Then installed it from the on my phone, did the few more tests and uninstalled.

Yesterday I started development on the new version 2.69. So I started my B4A project, clicked F5 and the app was installed on my phone.

But now if I open Google Play market and found my app there it shows 2 buttons Uninstall and Open but not Install button. How does it happened? The development version has higher version than on Google Play market and it's not even in Release mode.

I tried to clear the Google play market cache - didn't help.

Is it because the Google play market sees the same private key?



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That is how the play store app handles the situation of a higher version of your app is installed on your device than that of the version in the playstore.

It sees the same package name.
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