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GPX Favourites+ version

This application works with:
OSMAND LIVE version 3.4.8

See DEMO GPXFavourites.APK (from DropBox): File

Hello, still holiday!
Users of the OsmAnd + application certainly know the possibilities mentioned above well
program version. At the moment I would like to discuss my own method of importing favorite places
by generating a new file 'FAVORITES.GPX'.

How to do it?
First, start the OSMAND application. Go to Menu: 'PLACES'.
After a moment, a list of our own favorite POIs should be displayed.
I choose the 'SHARE' icon and then choose any application installed on the phone: TEXT EDITOR.
Thanks to this, the OSMAND application will export all our favorite POIs using the 'intermediary'
to a text file. Then choose the name for the newly created file: 'FAVORITES.TXT' with UTF-8 encoding.

(The sample content of my 'Favorites.txt' file might look like this)

1| My Favourites
3| Ambasada
5| Ambasada RP - Izrael - geo:32.082096,34.785202
7| Bankomaty
9| ...

How to generate a .GPX file type?
For this purpose, my application GPX Favorites +, version will come to the rescue.

First, start the GPX Favorites + application.
I choose the centrally visible 'Select file' button. From the displayed list I search and select a text file,
that was created in the previous step, i.e. the file: 'FAVORITES.TXT'.
In the next step, from the 'EXPORT (POI)' message window, select the CONTINUE button, and then
we start exporting our favorite POIs to the newly created FAVORITES.GPX file,
you'll find it for ease, in the same place as the file 'FAVORITES.TXT'.

(Example content of 'Favorites.gpx' might look like this)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<gpx version="1.1" creator="OsmAnd+ 3.4.8" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

    <name>My Favourites</name>

  <wpt lat="32.082096" lon="34.785202">
    <name>Ambasada RP - Izrael</name>
Just save / overwrite the 'FAVORITES.GPX' file on your phone at:

and that's all!
From now on we can enjoy new favorite POIs in the OsmAnd + OSMAND LIVE application on the phone.

You must make any to my work to receive the full version of this application.



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