Android Question Help with Google Play Subscriptions


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Greetings, all.

I need clarification on the Google Play Subscription Process.

According to Google documentation (full content here),

User billing
In the Developer Console, you can configure subscription products with automated recurring billing at your choice of intervals:
  • Monthly — Google Play bills the customer’s Google Wallet account at the time of purchase and monthly subsequent to the purchase date (exact billing intervals can vary slightly over time).
  • ...
Billing continues indefinitely at the interval and price specified for the subscription. At each subscription renewal, Google Play charges the user account automatically, then notifies the user of the charges afterward by email. For monthly and annual subscriptions, billing cycles will always match subscription cycles, based on the purchase date...

I assume that the app is required to check the status of the subscription (e.g., failed payment from the user Google Wallet).

Is the code in this post in the forum a valid approach/solution to test that a subscription has expired?

Thank you in advance for any help in this matter.