iOS Question How can I program B4I without a mac?

Please do NOT spend much time on this. Just tell me what I need to get started on developing a simple iphone app and I will work it out.
I have a PC, an Apple iphone, a wireless network, some $$$$, I have done very simple B4A apps and find them straightforward and intelligible.
I want to develop similar/identical Bluetooth based app for Androids, Desktops, and iphones/ipads.
Just point me in the right direction. I am tired of spending hundreds of hours just to step on a hidden landmine (like my USB-HID app that required hundred of hours of learning and programming to get right but which lead directly to needing Visual C++ programming to get what I wanted (screw that POS, Microsoft has lost its mind). If I wanted to do that I would just do win32 programming.