B4J Question How do you manage Menus in the designer ??


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How do i assign a shortcut key if the menu is created inside the the designer and not in code, i want to assign a different type of shortcut key to each if different menuitem.

Menu in designer:
    {Text:"A_ide", Children:
            {Text:"A _Propos de...",EventName:"mnuPropos",Tag:"07"},
            {Text:"Zoom + 10%",EventName:"mnuZoomPlus",Tag:"09"},
            {Text:"Zoom - 10%",EventName:"mnuZoomMoins",Tag:"10"},
            {Text:"Zoom Normal = 100%",EventName:"mnuZoomNormal",Tag:"11"}
I want to assign a key to A_Propos de.. to use the Ctrl i for that item i know that there are a shotcut defenition as
, Shortcut: { key: {????,"i"} in the menu defenition but what are the Ctrl,Alt and Shift constant for those defenition wich i have no clue ??

Any light on that matter could be usefull.
I don't want to define it in code since these menu exist on other same type of application that i develop and don't want to change the menu in any of these app, so making shure it is defined in the designer is my best option, but like i said i don't know the constant you use to define control keys.