How Many Languages Have You Programmed In?


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Have been sorting out my archive of source code / data in readiness to put anything remotely useful on to cloud storage and have sorted it out by programming language. I have.

Assembly Language: Zilog Z80, MOS 6502, Motorola 6800x, Intel 808X, ARM
Basic: BBC, GW Basic, QuickBasic, Visual Basic, Real Basic, VBSctipt, B4A, B4J
C: C, C++
DBase: IV, Clipper, FoxBASE, FoxPro, Visual Foxpro, Visual Objects
Lisp:Common Lisp, AutoLisp
Pascal: Pascal, Object Pascal, Delphi
Prolog, Visual Prolog

I have several other bits and pieces in various scripting languages. such as PostScript but the ones above are either complete and useful applications or form a significant part of other useful applications. I could probably only program in 5 of these now without some major catching up. I don't think I have done any Cobol programming for 20 years or so and probably longer than that for most of the assembly languages.


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I've started with PL/SQL (who laughs ? ;))
Then I've learned WLangage.

And only after that : I have met B4A, B4J.
Since two weeks I am using LiveCode to create scripts on Linux servers


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seems be like SQL
On Linux, I do use the command line to manage the servers using the always same old ubuntu's reference card and that's all. The other part, I create scripts with LiveCode. More than SQL it is like HyperCard language.
And to be clear : LiveCode is only good for that. They have an option to create Android apps but, imagine the weight of their runtime : 2 MB at least to make the simplest task and the SDK they use is still Froyo... More expensive than B4A too.

At the first time, I had tried to use B4J for simple tasks but it was not as quick as LiveCode.


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My first steps were with Fortran in the late 60s.
Then basic, basic, basic ...
I had tried Pascal and Modula2.
But mainly Basic:
HP-Basic on a HP 9836.
Commodore Basic
GFA Basic on Atari.
GW Basic, Quick Basic, GFA Basic, Visual-Basic 1 to 6 and eVB on PCs.
And then B4PPC, B4A and now B4i.


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For me:
Machine code Z80 CPU, 6800, 6802, Sinclair BASIC, BasicA, GW-Basic, QuickBasic compiler, QB4.5, DOS Debug, Visual Basic 2 for DOS 6.22 (VB 3, 4, 5 ,6),
Basic4Android, B4J, B4i, dBase IV (DOS), proprietary instruction set for controllers.
And in school C++ but forgot it ;)


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Mainly Basic,
ZX81 - Sinclair Basic - Mid 1970's and a little Assembler,
Atari ST Basic and a little C (nearly 40 years ago)
GW Basic on PC,
Pick Basic on Mini (Relational Database),
a little Python,
and recently B4A, B4PPC (briefly until B4j arrived) B4J and B4i and Java for background / libraries.
HTML5 / CSS just for the hell of it.
Just starting to look at Objective C.


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Visual Basic
Turbo Basic


...and I know how display a MsgBox in Java.


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All at varying levels, some only touched on

Visual Basic, Great Cow Basic, PICMicro ASM, Arduino (Processing variant), HTML, PHP, Classic ASP, mIRC Script, Java, Javascript.

........ oh and something called B4A


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Klaus, you are absolutely right.. I was confused between the versions..
I also used vb 1 then vb 3, because MS never released vb2.


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Way too many. (I have touched over ????) But a better question is how many languages where you fluent in (wrote every day off of the top of your head, Payed money. wrote 30,000 lines plus??? Your where PAYED for)

So, a total of 1,000,000 lines plus... (Was payed for) DBMan, DBase2, Dbase3, Dbase4 Clipper 5.X, Qbasic 4-6, VB3-6 (was a beta tester for VB1) VB.NET ??? , C#... and more I have forgotten. (that's 30+ years)

Touched, fixed... Pascal, c, c++, DB2 SQL (Just yesterday) Pervasive SQL (last week) 6502 ASM... AAAHHHH... Too many. Way too many. Never employee on these (Except for the SQL), I am a baby. I hate computers!!!! LOL

For me it's 30+years. I am to tired and need a nap :)

Someone get me a therapist...
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