Android Question How this code work?


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From this tutorial:

              CallSubDelayed3(GeofenceService, "AddGeofence", Me, geo)
       Wait For Geofence_Added (Success As Boolean)
       Log("Geofence added: " & Success)
   End If
End Sub

As far as I know, CallSubDelayed will launch the routine AddGeofence only upon completion of the current routine.

Is that piece of code correct? And... "why"?

[I haven't tried that code; maybe I'll do it, just out of curiosity, it's interesting.]


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Yes. You forgot rule #1 of resumable subs: a call to Wait For or Sleep is equivalent to a call to Return from the calling method perspective (calling method = the method that called this sub).
This is one of the few things my poor memory can remember :D:(.

The fact is that I assumed that CallSubDelayd could do its job only when executing the "End Sub" (and the code between these two commands).
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