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As I am having problems with a few additional libraries used in one of my apps developed back in the year 2015, I decided to go back from AndroidX to the previous version. I haven't checked my other apps, definitely, I expect backward compatibility issues.

I think that I should move to AndroidX ONLY when I have more free time to manage the transition process. Now somehow I have to make the already broken applications back to running. I am sure that one day, definitely I have to make the changes in my apps for AndroidX to move forward.

Actually I accidentally installed it when I installed B4A 9.30 without properly reading and understanding about the implications.

In the following post

Erel has mentioned that

2. Install all recommended items. This will make the switch to AndroidX. You can always go back to the previous SDK.

May I know the best way to do that ie go back to the previous SDK
I already have Jetified libraries in my Additional Libraries folder. Will this create an issue ?

I assume that the solution would be is to create a new folder for AndroidSDK and download the version that is compatible with B4A 9.30 and use that .

BTW I noticed that even though I am using B4A v9.30, the Core Library is showing v9.20. Is that OK ?



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May I know the best way to do that ie go back to the previous SDK
My guess (i never tried to go back so far):
- Download the readytorunsdk and Install it, configure the ide to use that SDK. When running the SDKManager the first time and asking if you want to switch to AndroidX. Answer NO.

- Be aware that you are not able to use any Library which is based on AndroidX (some Firebase-Libraries are). As of now there are not much Libraries using AndroidX but the amount may change in Future.

My suggestion:
- Try to fix the problems with AndroidX instead of going back. In case of the carouselview i would start with changing the dependencies. I would have answered in your thread if it was a new thread in the questionsforum instead of an answer in page x of thread y..
"You should always create a new thread for any Issue you have"