Android Question How to sync database in application to database server.


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I have a project about income and outcome function of user that the user can use data base in the same time. Now, I already design application in offline mode but I would like to update data base in online mode. From the application, the user can connect through user function while the database update all the time.

Thank for help.


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Technically, ok, db servers, connections...
but there is always a big deal of offline data.
If a user updates data in his local (device) db, thinking that it is up to date with the one on the server, but in the meantime, another user has changed the data on the central server, it happens a slaughterhouse.

2 alternatives:

a) Use only the db on the central server
b) study well a method to avoid the above problem.

As regards point b) on this site there are no many "informations" (of course, this is not the purpose of this site).