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    I have a problem with a device (Handheld) with version 2.3.4 of Android.
    I am using the HTTP library Serrver and I'm seeing an error when I run a 'job' as follows:

    Dim cURL As String  
    Dim cParam As String
    Dim jobOperacion As HttpJob
        cURL = 
    "http://" & cHost & "/execquery.html"  
        cParam =
    "select * from orders where IDOrder = " & nIDOrder & " order by IDOrder"
    "jobRecOrder-" & nIDOrder & "-" & cHost, Me)  
    Array As String("query",cParam))
    In multiple devices it works perfectly, but in this device with this version of Android in floating fields, when the value is zero, I return the string '0.0000000e 00'

    Could you help and see if it is a bug in the library or a problem with this version of Android.

    Greetings and thanks.
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