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Easy way to Convert date into each other with iAmir_Calendar.

Locales and Calendars

Most locales use the most widely used civil calendar, called the Gregorian calendar(gregorian), but there remain exceptions to this trend. For example:

In Saudi Arabia, some locales use primarily the Islamic Umm al-Qura calendar (islamicUmmAlQura).

In Ethiopia, some locales use primarily the Ethiopian calendar (ethiopicAmeteMihret or ethiopicAmeteAlem).

In Iran and Afghanistan, some locales use primarily the Persian calendar (persian).

In Thailand, some locales use primarily the Buddhist calendar (buddhist).

Other locales use another calendar alongside the Gregorian calendar. For example:

India also uses the Indian national calendar (indian).

Israel also uses the Hebrew calendar (hebrew).

China and other regions also use the Chinese calendar (chinese), primarily to calculate astronomical date and Chinese traditional holidays.

Japan also uses the Japanese calendar (japanese), primarily to add year names.

Independent of any particular locale, certain calendars are used primarily to calculate dates for religious observances. Among these are the Buddhist (buddhist), Coptic (coptic), Hebrew (hebrew), and Islamic (islamic) calendars.

Easy way to use :

Dim Calendar As Amir_Calendar


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