B4i Library iAmir_Glide

Experience Glide in IOS for the first time with iAmir_Glide :)

I am pleased to publish my first library for b4i. Glide is an image loading and caching library for Android but now for iOS focused on smooth scrolling.

an advanced image downloader library.
  • Support png,jpg,gif,...
  • Control cache
  • Use Transformations : CircleCrop,FitCenter,CenterCrop,InsideCrop,Blur,...
  • You can add Custom Transformation
  • Use Animations for showing imageView ( default is fade )

Easy to use :

Load From Url :

Load From File :

Load From Bitmap :


And another requests and options...

Version : 1.02

Good luck.

Download lib with sample from dropbox ( size : 2.4 mb )

you can find android version of this library here ( for b4a )
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